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What is the virtual event structure?

The virtual fair will be hosted on Eventus. Organization representatives will be able to host individual video chat sessions and group video chat sessions. Representatives can pre-schedule time slots for video chat sessions for students and alumni  to register for in advance of the virtual event.

Event Overview

What video chat platform will be used?

1:1 video chat sessions: Video platform is built into Eventus. Once you schedule your sessions, Eventus will automatically generate a room for you to connect with students/alumni.
Group video chat sessions: Representatives will need to provide their own video conferencing platform (e.g. Zoom) and provide the meeting link and instructions when setting up a group video chat session on the Eventus platform.

How long can a 1:1 / group video chat session be?

1:1 video chat sessions are set to 15 minutes.

The group video chat sessions schedule and time limit are up to the representative. We recommend 1 hour (no longer than 1.5 hours).

What other features does Eventus have?

Eventus allows representatives to pre-schedule their 1:1 and/or group video chat sessions and view student/alumni profiles (of those who’ve signed up for a session with you). You will also receive 15 minute reminder notifications for upcoming chat sessions.

How many representatives can participate?

We recommend having one representative at each booth. More booths allow you to offer more 1-on-1 sessions and interact with more students and alumni. Additional accounts can be purchased upon registration as an add-on.

Do representatives need to participate for the entirety of the fair?

Representatives from your organization are not required to be present during the entire fair and can schedule their 1:1 or group video chat sessions accordingly. Representatives have the flexibility to attend one or both days. 

Can Eventus accounts be shared between representatives if one representative cannot be available the entire event?

Yes, representatives can share an Eventus account. Please ensure that only one representative joins 1:1 video chat sessions at a time.

Can I use the same email for multiple Eventus accounts?

Yes you can if you are setting up all of your organization’s virtual booths. To log into your Eventus account (virtual booth), you will receive pre-determined credentials (virtual booth number and password) in an email for each individual booth.

What if I am participating from a different time zone?

The Eventus platform automatically adjusts the event to your timezone. If you are scheduling group or 1:1 video chat sessions, you do not need to convert the time into Pacific Time. 

I am not sure whether my organization is suited to the students' programs being offered. Is there anywhere I can check that kind of information?

Yes, you can view the faculties and course offerings of the participating institutions by clicking the associated links for SFUUBC and UVic.


What does the registration process look like?

Registration & Payment

Organizations will first register and pay for the registration via Eventbrite. Once your registration has been confirmed and payment has been received, representatives that you’ve listed on your Eventbrite registration will receive a link to access the virtual fair platform. Eventus to register for an account and schedule 1:1 or group video chats. Students and alumni will be able to sign up for a 1:1 or group video chat session with you in advance of the virtual fair.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Payment will be processed via Eventbrite. We accept most forms of major credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal. Invoices and post-payment are available upon request.

Can I cancel my registration?

After our refund deadline, we will not be processing refunds because of the structure of the event. If you can no longer make it, we advice that you transfer your registration to someone else in your organization. 

Is there a discounted price if I can only make 1 day of the fair?

Unfortunately, there is no discounted price. The registration price is for both days of the fair regardless of if you can only attend one day.

Can I participate in the fair if I am only recruiting volunteers?

Yes, you can be recruiting for both paid and volunteer positions. However, it is important that you specify which types of positions you are recruiting for in your Eventus profile.

What does Worldwide Employees refer to?

Worldwide employees refers to the total number of employees globally who are currently employed by your organization.

What constitutes an Internal Exhibitor?

The Internal Exhibitor price only applies to faculties and departments within SFU, UBC and UVic.

When is the deadline for early bird pricing?

Early bird pricing for the West Coast Virtual Fairs: Career, Volunteer & Graduate Schools are determined event by event basis. Please check on the Event Details page!

When is the deadline for exhibitor registration?

The deadline, like the early bird pricing offer, is determined per event basis at the West Coast Virtual Fairs: Career, Volunteer & Graduate Schools. Please check on the Event Details page for the most up to date information! The registration date is to ensure there is adequate time for subsequent steps.


What will I need to do before the event?

  1. Register and pay for the virtual fair via Eventbrite

  2. Representatives to create their account on Eventus 

  3. Complete your booth set up on Eventus

  4. Schedule your 1:1 video chat sessions 

  5. Schedule your group video chat sessions 

What types of students will be at the fair?

SFU + UBC + UVic : Career, Volunteer & Graduate Schools is open and marketed to all SFU, UBC, and UVic students and alumni from all faculties and disciplines.

What student/ alumni information can I see?

Representatives will be able to view the name, faculty, program, graduation year, and resume (if uploaded) of students/alumni who join either your 1:1 video chat or group video chat.

Can I obtain a list of all student/ alumni participants?

Due to our privacy policy, exhibitors will not be able to obtain a list of students and alumni who participate in the fair.

Event Prep
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