3 Schools.

Over 100,000 Candidates.

One Recruitment Fair.

Tue 17th & Wed 18th November, 2020.

The West Coast Virtual Fair is the first of its kind in British Columbia! This virtual fair is a collaboration between Simon Fraser University (SFU), the University of British Columbia (UBC), and the University of Victoria (UVic). Our institutions are pleased to offer employers and recruiters the opportunity to connect with thousands of students and alumni at one main fall virtual event.


Itching to know who has registered so far? Click the link to see our list of exhibitors. 

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Career & Volunteer

Connect with thousands of SFU, UBC, and UVic students and alumni at this virtual fair.

Our students and alumni can make an ideal addition to your workplace—they're bright, highly motivated and trained in the newest theories and technologies.

Graduate & Professional Schools 

Participating in this virtual fair allows your organization to connect with thousands of talented students and alumni from all of SFU, UBC and UVic’s academic disciplines interested in professional or postgraduate degrees and programs to further their educational careers. 

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